While school districts across the state have submitted their reopening plans, the elephant in the room is how the buses used to transport students to and from school are going to meet the Covid guidelines.

There are still many questions as to how school bus companies will adjust to health guidelines such as how face masks will be used and how they’ll maintain social distancing.

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According to NYS guidelines for reopening schools, when it comes to school transportation like buses students who are able will be required to wear masks and social distance while on a bus.

WIVB-TV asked the obvious question...who will be enforcing NYS Health Guidelines while children are on the bus?

Bus drivers are busy enough. So will it be bus aides? How will social distancing happen? Those are all questions that have yet to be answered.

The state’s guidelines also say the only exception to the mask requirement is for “students whose physical or mental health would be impaired by wearing one.” Those students would still have to social distance.

First Student, in our area says they’re developing a customized plan that “meets the needs of the district while providing a safe and clean school bus environment for the students.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Student Transportation of America says in part that they’re working on strategies to ensure the safety of both drivers and students. They’re also continuing to monitor government agencies for their guidance and recommendations.

The New York Association for Pupil Transportation says it's still waiting for clarification from the state on how to move forward but they say they’re expecting reduced capacity on buses to allow for better social distancing.

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