WKBW-TV reports that Buffalo's biggest tiki boat has officially set sail for the 2020 Season.​ Big Kahuna Tiki Tours, operating at Canalside welcomes families during the day and adults to set sail with adult beverages at night.

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“This is something totally new and totally different,” said Rich Hilliman, the captain of Big Kahuna Tiki Tours, “Kids are going to see this boat on the water and want to get on it. I just can't do adult only cruises. I have to make family friendly cruises.”...​

“It's a 90-minute vacation of Buffalo with some nice Caribbean style music, some island drinks and it's a nice way to get away quickly​

​Groups will be socially distanced on the boat and any time people are walking around the boat they have to wear a mask.. ​

It's about keeping the memory of his late father alive. ​

​“He kind of was the Big Kahuna,” said Hilliman, “His heart [was] in taking people out and showing people Buffalo and giving access to the water. I just didn't have it in me to fold and not do it.”

Hillman's prices are affordable as well... ​an hour-long family cruise is $16 for adults, $10 for kids. The 90-minute adult booze cruise is $23 per person. ​

Book your cruise by visiting Big Kahuna Tiki Tour’s website or by calling 716-796-4556.​

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