So long, Frank Underwood. President Claire is behind the Oval Office desk as House of Cards prepares for its final season with a busy first teaser, and nary a Kevin Spacey in sight.

House of Cards took advantage of the 2018 Academy Awards to debut its first Season 6 teaser, having resumed production on its sixth and final run in December. The footage itself seems largely shot for the teaser, but we do get the wonderful visual of Robin Wright’s President Claire Underwood declaring “We’re just getting started,” as the closing moments promise a fall 2018 premiere.

Elsewhere of House of Cards Season 6, we know Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear will join the final eight episodes in mysterious roles, along with Versace: American Crime Story star Cody Fern as a character conceived prior to Kevin Spacey’s exit. As of yet it remains unclear how the final season will handle Frank Underwood’s off-screen exit, though we at least know star Reg E. Cathey’s final performance will take place in this summer’s Luke Cage return, thus precluding Freddy’s return.

We’ll likely hear more in the coming months, so stay tuned for the latest on House of Cards’ final season.

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