If someone asked you to list a couple about patriotic films, what would you rattle off?   Maybe "The Patriot," "Independence Day," or "Captain America, the First Avenger"? Now, those are all worthy of a 4th of July weekend viewing.  But, what about classic Hollywood film that I bet you've never seen.  The film is called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. As a total filmie, got to tell you about this gem of a film.

First off, this movie stars Jimmy Stewart.  Just adore this American actor.  In Stewart's long motion picture career, he often played the every-man, characters that worked hard, were kind and just wanted to get it right, like most of us.  In "Mr. Smith" Stewart character, Jefferson Smith, is all of these things.  Jefferson Smith (Stewart) is an idealistic newly elected senator, with dreams of being of use and simply serving his country, therefore, when corrupt senators try to bring him down, it breaks your heart.  Yet, the patriotic hope in this movie, comes forth in the evolution of this character as he learns to speak the truth, against so many obstacles.  It's facinating to watch how this young senator struggles to remain ethical when so many forces are against him.  It's a great movie to watch with kids, because it touches upon the role of check and balances in the political process, the role of ethics in  society, the importance of the individual as a voice for truth.  These two scene where he breaks down after getting framed, and then the second, where he triumphantly fights back are fantastic.

Credit: Michael Kirkpatrick via Youtube

Credit: Fandango Movieclips via Youtube

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is simply one of Hollywood's best and most patriotic films. An excellent choice for 4th of July, cuddling on the couch viewing, particularly with the expected showers.

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