The U.S. border with Canada is still closed for at least another month, but if a Congressman's efforts are successful the door could be opened for medical reasons.

According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) Congressman Brian Higgins wants to allow Canadians to get vaccinated on the U.S. an effort that's getting bipartisan support.

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Democrat Higgins’ cause was embraced in the Erie County Legislature by Conservative Party Minority Leader Joe Lorigo.

The goal, on both sides of the border is boosting vaccinations with the goal to move toward “herd immunity.” Buffalo Congressman Brian Higgins has called on President Biden and Governor Cuomo to loosen up border restrictions.

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on Canadian authorities to do the same.

“Now that we have vaccinations the whole regime ought to change, and change quickly,” Schumer said.

Canada’s leadership meanwhile is being more deliberative about reopening the border.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “we are not there yet, we are still very much in a third wave. We still need to get more and more people vaccinated across this country and get those numbers down.”

Legislator Joseph Lorigo supports Higgins’ plan to allow more Canadians to cross the border for medical purposes, an exception the Canadian government already allows.

“To allow for coming over for the vaccine, would Erie County be able to accommodate Canadians for vaccine doses?,” Lorigo said.

Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein, in a virtual committee hearing said that she believes the county has an ample supply.

“In the big picture, this is a global epidemic, and if we don’t eliminate Covid-19 globally especially on our continent, we are going to deal with it forever,” Burstein said.

Canadian authorities now say Canada lags far behind for full vaccinations, which is less than 4% compared to nearly 40% in the U.S.

The border closure has not only had an adverse effect on the economy, but on families who haven't seen loved ones in over a year.

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