The old saying goes, it's not how you look but rather how you feel.



If only we could wave a magic wand and turn 15 years younger. Unfortunately, unless you have a lot of money and a good plastic surgeon, it's just not going to happen. According to a new study (you know me and my studies) here are some of the things to make you feel 15 years younger.

I am going to start from 5 and work my way down...

5. Petting a dog or cat. (I love my doggies)

4. Regularly hanging out with friends. (I love my Saturday/Sunday breakfasts and brunch)

3. Exercising. (I could use more of this)

2. Participating in bedroom aerobics (I'm going to leave that one be!)

1. VACATIONS!!!! (Sign me up! I could always use a vacation!) 

So, there you have it. Things that make you feel younger. Go out there and start feeling younger today!

If you don't own a dog or cat you can always volunteer to be a dog walker at The Buffalo Animal Shelter as that is probably one of the easiest things to do on the list.


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