Did you know that 89% of American's have a sibling?


Happy National Sibling's Day! According to a new survey, 89% of American's have a sibling. 10% of the 89% are friends with their sibling. I have to say, I love my family but I am certainly not friends with them. I am the oldest of three and quite honestly, I am much more mature than they will ever be. Ha!

According to the survey, 8% of them actually drew blood. I have argued with my siblings but never resulted in an actual physical fight- drawing blood.

15% of Americans agree that it is best to be the only child. You get spoiled more, get treated differently and overall have a different mentality.

I always thought it was better to have a sibling because you always have someone to play with. You don't ever have to worry about people not coming to your birthday party, because you have your siblings there. There are certainly some perks to it.

Today, go out and meet up with your sibling, or at least give them a call and tell them you love them. Life is too short! Happy National Siblings Day Buffalo!

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