Hard time choosing your best online dating pic? Have no fear, Melody is here! According to a new study, this is what you should do....


As a single, happily divorced, woman, I was on those dating websites. It is a jungle out there to say the least. But, I know the hardest part of those dating profiles aren't what you write, (because, guys and girls don't read that anyway) or the long lengthy questions to figure out your algorithm, but the profile picture.

Researchers in Australia did an experiment with 100 people. Each person submitted 12 photos of themselves and they liked and had to choose the best one. Well, the ones that the 100 people chose didn't match up with the ones that complete, total, strangers, chose. Could this mean that we tend to choose the most unattractive photo's of ourselves?

Could be, according to the study.

Now, don't go hunting people down in the streets to have someone pic your online dating profile pic. Perhaps having a friend choose for you? Bartender at the bar you frequent? Anyone can choose it, just don't let it be you!


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