It's a labor of love, I tell ya...but I'm willing to do it for YOU.  I wouldn't want you buying the car before I took it for a test drive. ;)

The Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls is offering you some very unique burgers, just in time for grilling season.  After all, May is National Burger Month!

Hard Rock chefs are always given the green light to create a unique "Local Legendary Burger", and now, Western New York's own Stinger Burger will be on tour all over the globe, as part of the World Burger Tour. (Watch the video for a description of what's in it!)

Today, Chef Vinnie stopped by with the first 4 burgers that will be in rotation at the Niagara Falls location.

  • Tennessee BBQ:  garlic aioli, bbq pickled slaw, pulled pork, hickory bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, onion frizzle
  • Banh Mi: carrots, onion shoots, cucumber planks, Vietnamese glaze
  • Ole Burger: Romesco sauce and TONS of goat cheese (swoon!)
  • Tango Salsa: andouille sausage, Monterrey jack cheese, tango salsa, fried egg

This was obviously a terrible assignment (note the dripping sarcasm, along with the dripping fried egg that was AMAZING...).  The World Burger Tour will be fatured at hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls through June 25th, so go sample some international cuisine now!


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