As the NFL playoffs kick off this weekend some people are already looking ahead to next season.

Some of those people are the executives that put together the reality show Hard Knocks which follows one NFL football team during training camp.

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The HBO series has been around since 2001 and takes viewers inside the inner working of an NFL training camp.

So while teams this season are still fighting for a spot in the Super Bowl, executives of Hard Knocks are trying to figure out what team they will be following in 2023.

Will it be the Buffalo Bills? The short answer is no. The Bills don't qualify to be on Hard Knocks since they made the playoffs this season.

There are some rules set up by the league to see which team will be featured in the series this year. To qualify for the next edition of the series, an NFL team must not have made the postseason for two straight seasons. The team's coach must be at least in his second year on the job, and the team has not been on the show in the past decade.

There currently are four NFL teams that meet the criteria:

The Chicago Bears
New Orleans Saints
Washington Commanders
New York Jets

Personally, I would like to see the Jets on Hard Knocks. To see what the team is going to do with QB Zack Wilson would be fun to watch.

But I think in reality, it will be Chicago. Justin Fields is a budding superstar and the Bears also have the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft so there will be plenty for crews to film.

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