How much would you be willing to pay for a hamburger?  The one in Hamburg, NY is starting to look a little pricey to some.

Wimpy was a character in the cartoon 'Popeye' who often exclaimed, "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

That seems to ring true in Hamburg, NY today as we find out that a plan to paint the local water tower there is going to be a costly endeavor.

The idea was that it was an economic development opportunity.  It started out as an idea to drum up tourists to the town that created the hamburger.  They would paint the water tower to look like a giant hamburger.  There was even a contest to design it.

So how much will it cost?  What was estimated to cost $250,000 is now looking like it will be quite a bit more.  According to a report on WGRZ, it's going to run about $1 million.  And they plan to get it done with $0 from taxpayers.

The goal is to raise the money by setting up a gofundme page, sell t-shirts,and to raise money at Burgerfest in July.

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