Massive rain and thunderstorms swept across Western New York yesterday and with that came some unusual weather for August.

There was a good amount of hail that came along with the storms yesterday. Check out this video of the hail from the backyard of a homeowner in Alden, New York.

It looks like snow on the ground and the hail kept coming and coming. The weather doesn't look like it will get any better over the next couple of days. Rain is expected to be in Western New York for the next several days and it looks like we could see another round of thunderstorms and lightning with the rain.

There is a 64% chance of rain for Thursday with an outside chance of light and thunder. As we head into the weekend, Friday looks like it will be sunny for much of the day with some clouds moving in late in the evening. The chance of rain increases for Saturday and more rain is expected to be in the area on Sunday as well.

Monday there is another expected round of rain and thunderstorms with a possibility of hail again in the area.

The only good news with this forecast is that lawns all across Western New York are going to enjoy all that water which is much needed. Hopefully, these yellow lawns will change back to glorious green.

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