In his press conference on Monday morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the protocols for gyms reopening in New York State.

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Per WIVB, many of the predictable protocols will be in place when gyms reopen, which CAN begin on August 24th. There are several measures that need to be in place before a gym is permitted to reopen, most specifically that they need to be inspected by local public health officials before opening or within two weeks of the gym opening. Additional guidelines are in place to ensure that gym HVAC systems are updated to meet COVID-19 regulations.

Gyms will begin operating at 33% capacity, with a scale-up standing as a possibility depending on how the initial openings go and whether the spread of COVID-19 continues to be contained.

Of course, masks will be mandated at all times in gyms.

Indoor classes remain a possibility, of course at a lower population than they normally would be. It will be up to local officials whether or not a gym can hold indoor classes.

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