The lawsuit is over and now a historical part of Buffalo is coming down.

The Great Northern Grain Elevator located on Ganson Street is being demolished by its owners.

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Steam-powered Grain elevators were invented right here in The Queen City in the late 1800s due to the construction of the Erie Canal and the amount of shipping that took place here in Western New York.

The Great Northern Grain Elevator was built in 1897 and could be the last of its kind of grain elevator in the world. The Great Northern Grain Elevator has a brick exterior that protected dozes of steel grain silos inside from the harsh weather.

It suffered damage from a windstorm in 2022 and the owners wanted to demo it before it collapsed on itself.

The conservationists who brought a lawsuit to halt the demolition last year had their lawsuit rejected and are not going to appeal or submit any other legal action, so the path to demolition is now wide open.  

Demolition could take several weeks to bring the entire building down.

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