So many people have complained about the cashless tolls on Grand Island. It is getting absolutely ridiculous! I reached out to the NYS Thruway Authority and here is what they had to say...



If you are like me, you don't have easy pass. I go through those cashless tolls as they are supposed to be easier. Well, not if you get hit with a $1300 bill. If you don't pay the bill you can even have your license suspended. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Some people don't even receive a bill and then get hit with a collection notice for hundreds of dollars for a measly $1.00 toll. There is a HUGE injustice here.

I called the NYS Thurway Authority and talked to Jeff here is what he had to say...

It is NYS law that you must have your address updated with the DMV. The reason why people aren't receiving their bill is because their address isn't updated.

I, personally am not buying it because if they get a bill from a collection agency and a collection agency can find the address, how come the NYS Thurway Authority can't?

If you are having issues with your bill, you can call 1-518-471-5300


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