Being New York State's first female Governor and one of only nine female Governors in the nation is quite an achievement. It’s a new dawn for New York with a woman as the state’s first female chief executive.

Buffalo-area Girl Scouts are watching history as the new Governor takes office.

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Girl Scout leaders are using Governor Kathy Hochul's journey as a lesson according to WKBW-TV.

“It’s really a place of inspiration where young girls can be like ‘wow! I can be the head of the state one day or even higher, a female president one day,” Girl Scout leader, Kristi Runyan, said.

Hochul also paid tribute to women’s suffrage. She wore white when she was ceremonially worn on Tuesday morning.

The color white is symbolic of the women’s suffrage movement. according to Gwynn Thomas Global Gender and Sexuality Studies Chair.

“It’s most associated with the vote which is the suffrage, and it became a color that has been associated with that movement,” Thomas said.

Thomas said history shows getting into executive positions is a lot more difficult for women.

The Girl Scouts are even more inspired that the first female Governor of New York is from Western New York.

Hochul has inspired New York Girl Scouts for years even creating a badge in 2017 for the 100th anniversary of the suffrage movement in New York State.


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