Well, it probably feels like you have be cooped up in the house for a week.  Schools closed, activities canceled, too cold for the kids to go outside, pets under-foot.  Saturday marks the beginning of the big thaw with temperatures in the 30's, Sunday 40's and Monday 50?

So aside from your Sunday Big Game party what is on the agenda?

  • Grocery shopping
  • Picking up Rx's
  • Hitting the car wash
  • Shoveling around your house so the weekend thaw doesn't end up in your basement
  • Some flood-prone areas of Western New York already have sandbags pre-positioned for residents use.

Monday, I am having a remote car starter installed, I have never been one for "timing".

So regardless of what you are doing for entertainment or necessity this weekend, be safe, have fun and remember I will be sitting home come Monday looking out my front window as I press the button to start my car, and turn it off and start it again...

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