Now that New York lawmakers have passed the state budget, New York is officially the first state in the United States to do this.

It took an extra 30 days, but this week New York Lawmakers were able to come to an agreement and they voted to pass the state budget and everything that comes with it.

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This of course includes the very controversial banning of Natural Gas stoves across the state.

As part of the new $229 billion state budget that was passed this week, New York law will now ban gas-powered stoves, furnaces, and propane heating in most new residential buildings across the state. The new law calls for all-electric heating and cooking in new buildings that are shorter than seven stories by 2026, and for buildings seven stories and taller by 2029.

Some new buildings will be exempt from the new law. Those buildings include large commercial and industrial buildings like stores, hospitals, laundromats, and restaurants.

New York is the first state to have passed the law across the entire state. Several Cities including Berkeley, San Francisco, and New York City have passed a ban on natural gas stoves on a local level.

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