Fall is officially here and that means we can start indulging in pumpkin spice, apple cider, donuts, corn mazes, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and even haunted houses.

Here in Western New York, there are a few haunted attractions to visit every October and the most popular is coming back after not taking place in 2020.

Frightworld is back and this time, taking place at the old Kmart location on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo.

Those who want to go will not have to wait much longer, either. On Thursday, Frightworld announced the schedule for the 2021 season and it's jam-packed with weekends to get scared.

The first day will take place on Friday, October 1st, and runs into early November!

Frightworld will be open every Thursday-Sunday through October. The only exception will be October 11th, which is Columbus Day.

The Lights Out scare nights will take place on November 5th and 6th.

Tickets are not on sale yet, but according to Frightworld, they will be going on sale very soon. Since it opens next weekend, my guess is tickets will be on sale this weekend or this Monday.

I absolutely love Frightworld and any kind of haunted house. Those who hate them think I'm nuts, but there's something so special about getting scared with family and friends. It's hard to describe. I almost relate it to the thrill of going on a roller coaster, which I also love to do.

Spooky season is officially here!

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