If you plan on ringing in the New Year with some adult beverages and friends, you now can get a safe ride home for free.

Once again William Mattar is giving away free ride vouchers for anyone in Western New York to get home safe from a night of partying.

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December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month and the lawyers are William Mattar law firm wants to make sure that people in Western New York have a safe way of getting home.

William Mattar is giving away 1000 free ride vouchers to be used this weekend in Western New York. The vouchers are first come first serve and in order to claim yours you need to sign up for it HERE.

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Make sure that you don't end 2022 in the back of a police car, in jail, or worst. if you plan on drinking to celebrate New Year's Eve make sure to have a safe plan to get home. Get a designated driver, call Uber or Lyft, or make plans to stay in a hotel or friend's home.

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