Running obviously has a ton of health benefits, but not everyone can get out there and jog 10 miles to burn calories. Fortunately, studies are showing that walking can be just as good for your overall health (THANK GOD), and in some cases is even more beneficial than running (especially around a pool!).

  1. Less stress on your joints - Running is considered high-impact exercise, which can, over time, do significant damage to your knees, ankles, and even your hips. While walking is essentially the same motion, you’re doing it at a much gentler and slower pace, which lessens the impact of each step.
  2. Do it with a friend - We all have that one friend at the gym who cranks the treadmill up to 11 or goes on long runs after work. The beauty of walking is that you don’t have to keep up with them! Find a friend who is more “your speed”, which should be pretty easy to do if the exercise is walking. Exercise is much less intimidating when you’ve got someone right there with you.
  3. Easier on the heart - Runners pump their heart muscles pretty vigorously for any time period that they’re running--over time that can actually wear out and overwhelm the muscles of the heart. Walking provides a similar cardiovascular workout, but at a much gentler level.
  4. Better for preventative health - Both running and walking are good for your overall wellness (at least better than sitting on the couch), but it turns out walking might be even better when it comes to preventing things like heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes.


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