As we head into the month of February, health officials in New York are warning residents that the flu is still spreading across the state.

The latest flu report for New York State shows that there were over 21,000 confirmed cases of the flu across the state. Over half of the confirmed cases of the flu were in New York City. Over 1100 people in the state were hospitalized due to the flu.

The good news is that the amount of confirmed flu cases has dropped since the prior week. New York State saw a drop of nearly 16% in confirmed cases from last week. There was also a 26% drop in the amount of people were were hospitalized due to the flu.

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Health officials in New York maintain that the best way to protect yourself and your family is to get a flu shot. Most major insurance companies cover the cost of the flu shot and you can walk into any local pharmacy to get yours.

Find a flu shot location near you HERE.

Health officals are also warning on an increase in COVID-19 and RSV this winter. They recommend that if you are eligible to get a COVID-19 booster shot and RSV vaccine, you should.

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