The Annual Hospice and Palliative Care Buffalo Spring Bouquet sale is underway through March 13th with some modifications this year due to social distancing protocols.

While the bouquets are usually sold inside medical buildings, hospitals, and businesses around our area, NEWS 4 tells us that this year they will be sold through “flower trucks” parked outside some of the same locations.

“We have four trucks, and we’ll probably be visiting around 30 places in the next two weeks,” said Emily Carrier, special events manager for Hospice and Palliative Care Buffalo.

There are two sizes for the popular bouquets - mixed bouquets for $10, or larger, tribute bouquets for $30.

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All of the money raised (by the campaign) stays in Western New York to help care for over 1,000 Hospice patients at the Como Park campus, hospitals, nursing homes, and patient care homes, Carrier said.

Over the past 34 years, the bouquet sales have raised over $6.6 million for Hospice.

“This money raised goes to provide comfort and care to families and patients in the time that they need it most,” Carrier added.

Last year Hospice was fortunate to be able to wrap up their Spring Bouquet sale just before most of Western New York closed down.

The flower trucks might stick around for future sales, Carrier added.

“This could be something that could catch on, that we might have to implement next year,” Carrier said. “It’s more accessible to the public, which is great.”

The bouquets will also be sold at over two dozen florists throughout the Western New York area.

You can also make a donation to Hospice Buffalo through their website and a full schedule of truck locations and participating florists can be found here.


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