Okay, you may have heard the wonderful gossip about Buffalo.  Have you? Shhhhh! .  It's on the rise.  Yep, more and more people, like myself moving here just two years ago, are making Buffalo their home.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Here are five of the coolest reasons folks are finding, what you've always known.  Buffalo is a great place to live!

Found this fun site, hope you like it calls Sparefoot.com.  It's a site devoted to helping people move to new places.  Well, the folks at Sparefoot love Buffalo.  Here are five of their best reasons, we know there are tons more.  ;-)

1. Buffalo really is the "City of good neighbors"

"The 'city of good neighbors' is a testament to the sense of community here. Buffalo has a hometown feel in a city setting. People are friendly and kind. If you ask – and even if you don’t – people are ready and willing to help a stranger.


2. Bills fans are beyond loyal

This town knows what it means to be loyal.  How cool is it that Bill's fans just never give up, knowing that one day the final big game win will happen.  How about this tidbit, some Bill's fans come early on snowing days to help shovel that's devotion. Fans unconditionally love the Buffalo Bills. Do not ask us why. We show up when the sun is shining, and on the coldest, snowiest days of the year. When the forecast predicts six feet of snow on game day, fans show up ready to shovel the stadium. Buffalo is called a drinking city with a football problem, and after your first tailgate, you’ll understand why.

3. Foodies will be so happy here.

Liked what Sparefoot had to say:

New restaurants are opening all the time, and Buffalo foodies love supporting local eats. Buffalo celebrates Local Restaurant Week twice a year, hosts all types of food-themed festivals, welcomes food trucks everywhere, and has a Buffalo Dinner Club for the foodie community. The local restaurant scene was recognized by Food & Wine, and WalletHub ranked Buffalo #31 on Best Foodie Cities in America in 2017.

4.Buffalo’s chicken wings are the best wings.

Okay so this could have gone in the column above but Buffalo Chicken wings are something beyond mere food.  Invented at the Anchor bar, Buffalo folks take their wings seriously.  Adds Sparefoot:

If you have tried “Buffalo wings” in another city, it is simply not the same. Please don’t try to tell us otherwise. Everyone has a different opinion about where to find the best wings, so trying every spot is totally acceptable. Be forewarned, if you request ranch instead of blue cheese people are 100% judging you.

5. People LOVE living here.

People love living here.  Never been to a place that had so many people tell me (as a transplant) that they have lived and stayed here their whole life, or quickly moved back.  So cool!  I tell my friends back in the midwest about Buffalo, the architecture, the history, (we didn't even mention that) and they can't believe me.  Good, right?  Let's keep it to ourselves.

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