A new study shows that most New Yorkers have gotten fatter over the past 10 years with most counties in the state reporting an increase in the amount of obesity reported in their residents.

So what county is the fattest? According to the latest data released by New York State based on obesity levels, the county that had the highest level of obesity was Oswego County.

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Oswego County had an obesity rate of 44.5% which is nearly 10% higher than the obesity rate in 2012.

Falling right behind Oswego for the fattest county in New York State is Franklin County where the obesity rate is 44.4%.

Round out the top three fattest counties in New York State is Wayne County. Wayne County's obesity rate was 41.4% in 2022.

Overall most counties in New York State have gotten fatter over the past ten years. Only two counties didn't get fatter from 2012. Putnam County actually decreased in the number of obese residents by 2% while Seneca County had the same percentage of Obesity in 2022 as it did in 2012.

Here are the top 5 New York counties that have fared best over the past 10 years:

1) Putnam: 2% less obese.

2) Seneca: flat.

3) Kings: 1% more obese.

4) Suffolk: 1% more obese.

5) Broome: 2% more obese.

The only good news is that none of the cities or towns in New York State made the list of the fattest in the country.

How fat is the county you live in? You can see the total rankings of obesity in New York State HERE.

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