Now operating under a new name and new ownership, the former Fantasy Island hopes to reopen by May. During the 2021 season, only the water park portion was open. The park is now owned by a company located in Indiana, but leaders in Grand Island are hoping to get both the water and amusement portions of the park open in time for the warm Western New York Summer months, according to WIVB. They also plan on adding rides and attractions to the amusement and water parks. Fantasy Island, now named Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World, is located at 2400 Grand Island Blvd, Grand Island, NY 14072.

John Whitney, Town Supervisor for Grand Island told Channel 4,

At the end of the summer open for a few weeks, they stepped up and took over rough shape, maintenance and vandalism on top of that.

Fantasy Island was first opened in 1961 by Lawrence Grant, who was a real estate investor. When it opened on July 1, the park was only 12-acres big and it had five themed areas,

Action Town, Animal Kingdom, Garden of Fables, Indian Village and Western Town. Action Town featured amusement rides, Animal Kingdom featured a petting zoo, Garden of Fables featured explorable recreations of fairy tale scenes, Indian Village featured Native American dancers, and Western Town featured a live Wild West show.

The park is currently hiring for the 2022 season. You can find more information about job openings here.

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