True story--I bought my living room furniture from the World's Largest Yard Sale. It was a sectional and a rocking chair that was still in the plastic and the guy needed to get rid of it right away for cash so, I got it for 500 bucks and I'll tell you--when I mention that to people that come over they are in shock!

You can literally find anything at the World's Largest Yard Sale--and it's a riot. Certainly a fun event to stop out to for a half hour or all day, it's worth the look!

The World's Largest Yard Sale is now in it’s 19th year and has grown tremendously over time. Takes place twice a year, in May & September at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. The event brings together Yard-Garage Sale Vendors (Individuals who set-up shop to sell their belongings from home and make some extra cash), Crafters, Home Companies, Small Businesses, Retail Shops and Large Corporations. Approximately 300 vendors participate every Sale, making this one of the largest events in Western New York! The event also draws Thousands of Shoppers from the immediate area as well as bordering states & Canada. Make your way to the Event this year! You name it, you’ll find it at the WLYS!

Fairgrounds Events Ctr,
Marketplace & Expo Bldgs, 42nd St, Entertainment Complex
Hamburg, New York

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