You've heard the term, "fake it until you make it." Well, researchers found this is exactly the mentality you need to be successful in your career.



Now, let's set the record straight, this isn't about lying on your resume to land your dream job, or lying about your education or experience, this has to do with your confidence level. Have you ever started a new job that you really didn't know anything about? You are literally scared to death about it.

Researchers talked to over 2,000 people who are successful in their careers, and 66% of them said at some point in their career, they had to "fake it until you make it." This  had to do with confidence. Confidence and ego is a fine line so don't get the two confused. You have to be confident with what you are doing even though you may be scared to death.

Projecting confidence is key to any successful person or career. It is important not to let fear motivate what you say and do. I know this is easier said than done. The key is to have faith in yourself and trust in your abilities. You are amazing! Go out there and be the best version of yourself!

Stay successful Buffalo!

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