Facebook for dating?



I really don't know about this one, guys. Facebook announced that they will have a new dating feature on their website. This feature will allow you to turn your profile into a dating profile. They will match you up with people who you aren't friends with. I can't help but be a little cautious about this. Especially, after the recent privacy violation. People tend to use social media as their personal diary and now you are opening your life up to perfect strangers. Facebook did state that they will have extra security measures but I really don't buy it.

Since this announcement, Match.com stock took a major hit in the stock market, yesterday. I am sure all of those dating sites will still be around but maybe they have to step up their game. Some of the other sites have algorithms they use to match you accordingly. I don't know if Facebook will have that feature.

As always please be careful when on any of those sites as you never know who you are truly talking to on the other end. Stay safe, Buffalo!

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