Governor Kathy Hochul has signed off on extending the state’s eviction moratorium Thursday, now extending the ban until January 15th, 2022, which is still short of the one-year extension some were hoping for.

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The Governor and lawmakers are stressing that tenants in need should apply to the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The website for tenants needing assistance can be found at:

Photo Credit: NYS ERAP
Photo Credit: NYS ERAP

In addition to an increase in the allowance for the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance Program, there is also a Supplemental Emergency Rental Assistance program that tenants will soon be able to apply to on the same site.

The moratorium has also created issues for landlords and this time around some new protections have been built into the program to aid them.

“If a tenant says, ‘hey I still can’t pay because of COVID,’ the landlord now has the opportunity to challenge that to say ‘wait a minute, you are able to pay your rent, you shouldn’t be prevented from being evicted.'” said Tully Rinckey Partner Derrick Hogan.

A spokesperson for the Governor’s office also says that with the extension comes a landlord application portal, now in the development stage, for tenants who refuse to participate or who have vacated the residence without paying.

It has also been reported that the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance is in the process of developing a method for the distribution of $25 million dollars in funds for legal services to aid tenants facing evictions.



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