When you are on the roads today, take note of what the gas prices are, because they are going up and up.

The “tax holiday” won’t be here until after Memorial Day, so you may not see the prices start to decline until then. However, the prices at the pump are rapidly evolving, especially here in Western New York.

Some gas stations in Western New York are at least 20 cents above the average! 

According to Triple A, the average cost of gas per gallon in Erie County is $4.44, while Niagara County has an average cost of $4.32 per gallon. 

However, the price at the pump at one Sunoco this morning is way above average. 

My friend Jason was on his commute to work this morning when he saw the most outrageous price of gas on Niagara Falls Boulevard. 



WHAT?! Is it really $4.69 per gallon at the Sunoco on Niagara Falls Boulevard and Ellicott Creek Rd in Tonawanda??

Unfortunately, yeah…it is. 

“No one else on the Boulevard is near that price,” Jason said.

It sparks concern that the prices may actually continue to go up, even though we are supposed to see some relief by the end of this month.

 On June 1st, Niagara County will cap the tax on gas at $3, and Erie County will have a gas tax cutoff at the $2.00 mark . While the cap is set at different monetary levels for counties, it essentially will hold the same effect for drivers in that given county.
The lowest prices for gas seem to be in Lewiston, NY, where GasBuddy has posted at least three gas stations on Tuesday morning with prices below $4, so if you have to pass through Lewiston on your commute, make sure you stop for gas.

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