Almost half of us at one time or another has had food stolen by someone at work.It might be one of the most work-related crimes, yet no one is ever prosecuted for it...LAW and ORDER: STOLEN LUNCH, nope don't think it would grab many viewers.

The top ten foods that get stolen at work are chips . . . fruit . . . candy . . . coffee . . . juice . . . milk . . . bread . . . ice cream . . . bagged lunch meat . . . and nuts.

People have had to resort to hiding food so co-workers and friends don't devour it.

The actual numbers according to a poll conducted for Ben and Jerry's:

60 percent saying their food gets stolen so often they actually had to confront somebody about it.

How do they respond? While confronting directly is the most popular technique, one-in-three Americans retaliate by stealing food right back, while 35 percent prefer to leave a handwritten note.

Well I suppose that is better than an Ex-Lax sandwich.

(SWNS Digital)

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