As of 6 am today (November 4th) the Presidential race is still too close to call, with votes still being tabulated around the country, but the talk in Erie County was the record turnout at the polls according to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV).

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We're not just talking pre-election day voting – but the turnout at the polls yesterday.

It is estimated that about 86% of people in Erie County who were sent an absentee ballot have returned it to the total of 80,954 ballots returned.

Election officials say some 168,000 people voted early with nearly 250,000 Erie County residents casting ballots in some fashion this year.

“Ya know, I’m very proud of the public. They stayed very very respectful to one another. They stayed respectful to our election workers. They’ve made their voices heard in a huge way,” Commissioner Jeremy Zellner said.

Commissioner Ralph Mohr said...

“the enthusiasm that we’ve seen from voters standing in line, the enthusiasm that we have from voters, they’re calling the office and voting today shows that people are very interested in this race.”

Early voting results have already been reported according to the Erie County Board of Elections – and are reflected in those numbers.

It should also be noted that Absentee ballots in Erie County will not be counted until November 17th.

When I voted in Niagara County, on Election Day I was surprised at the lack of people waiting to vote in the middle of the day.  Part of the reason I waiting until Election was the long lines encountered during Early voting.

It is also worth mentioning that poll workers were not only very courteous and helpful, but efficient, making it a point to check everyone's license before scanning, and wiping down all areas between votes being cast.


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