Yesterday was a very special day as the Erie County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol held their annual donation drive to help the Response To Love Center.

This was the 205th year that the Mounted Police collected food and donations for the center. The Mounted Police were located outside of the Broadway market this past Sunday collecting donations.

Over the years the Mounted Police have raised thousands of dollars and collected tons of food to help the center. If you couldn't make it to the donation drive this past Sunday, you can still make a donation to the Response To Love Center by clicking HERE.

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The mounted police division was formed in 1942 and it is made up of 9 part-time Reserve Deputies and 20 horses. The unit patrols area events including Highmark Stadium for Bills games, They also patrol the Erie County Parks, special events at Convention Center, and the Allentown Arts Festival.


The Response To Love Center first opened in 1985 after St. Adalbert’s parish school was closed. Since then the center has focused on the holistic treatment of poverty by showing loving care to the economically deprived and all those in need.


There are a couple of ways you help. If you like to volunteer your time, you can sign up to be a volunteer your time. You can see what volunteer opportunities are available by clicking HERE. You can also make monetary donations online by clicking HERE.

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