You have a chance to be part of one of the biggest events of the Summer in Erie County and save some money.

The Erie County Fair announced they will be holding a special "Flash" sale where you could get a discount on one-day admission tickets. The special sale will take place between 1 and 6 pm today only.

The Erie County Fair will be selling one-day adult admission tickets for $13.50. That is a $3.50 saving off the normal price of an adult one-day pass to the Fair. You can buy up to eight tickets during the Flash Sale today.

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The Erie County Fair will take place between August 9th and August 20th this year. Adults aged 13 and over will need a ticket to attend the fair. The normal cost of a one-day pass is $17 per person if you buy your ticket online. Tickets are $20 per adult if you buy tickets at the gate. Kids 12 and under get free admission to the Erie County Fair.

Tickets to the Fair will go on sale on July 1st if you can't make the flash sale today. You can get ticket information HERE.

This will be the 183rd edition of the Erie County Fair and it is one of the largest events that takes place every year in Erie County.

Get more information about the Erie County Fair HERE.

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