Last week I was away from the Mix 96 studios because I was on vacation. I was visiting one of my favorite spots in all of the world... Disney World! I have been to Disney MANY times, I go nearly 3 to 4 times a year. A nearly every trip I have made to the happiest place on earth, I find myself witnessing a couple getting engaged!


I decided this time I would not feel left out of the love. Even though I am currently a single man with NO intent of proposing to anyone, I still wanted to experience this at Disney. I decided that I would propose to my friend while standing in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.  She was completely in on the joke and we were both curious to see how people would respond.


As you'll see in the video above, the moment I began my fake proposal a Disney photographer was there and captured the entire moment. She then decided she wanted to pose us for photos and even have us KISS!! I laughed way to hard doing this and really committed to the joke.


This is a memory I will never forget!

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