Color Me Badd singer was arrested on Saturday at Del Lago in Waterloo, NY for assaulting a band mate on stage.



You know Color Me Badd is All For Love... Well, not this time. This time, it got serious. At the end of the show at Del Lago in Waterloo, NY lead singer, Bryan Abrams literally shoved band mate, Mark Calderon on stage. Mark Calderon was thanking the crowd for coming out and in mid sentence gets shoved by Bryan.

Mark Calderon suffered from neck and back injuries resulting in the shove where he fell into sound equipment. The motivating factor? Perhaps alcohol, and a add a shot of jealousy. Bryan, the lead singer and aggressor in the this situation, was also having issue with his voice.

Bryan was charged with misdemeanor assault and was released on $2,000.00 bail.

This is absolutely insane and it happened right in our backyard. Anytime alcohol can be a factor in any situation, it can escalate relatively quickly. You can check out the actual video below:

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