Would you consider shocking your tongue to change it's taste?


You know me and my studies. This one in particular was really interesting to me. Researchers at the University of Maine created a set of chopsticks that deliver electric pulses each time it touches your tongue.

As you know there are different spots on your tongue that represent sweet, sour, salty, etc... Well, we are also infamous for adding more salt to things that we really shouldn't. Why not just send electric pulses to that area of the tongue to make things taste more salty than actually adding salt? Save the cholesterol!

This might actually work for dieters too. Can you imagine shocking your tongue to make things taste sweet when you have a craving for a sweet treat? I dunno if I would go down this road, but stranger things have happened.

People do weird things to lose weight, we can add this to the list!

Would you try this? I am a little curious!


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