The weeks leading up to Easter have been stressful.  It's one of those holidays that doesn't seem like it would be crazy, like say Christmas, but it always makes things a little nuts. In the end it's always the same - sore feet, sugar high, and Easter grass everywhere (whoever invented that needs to be publicly flogged).


We host my wife's extended family every Easter and it has become a fun tradition.  That generally entails roughly 20 people for a brunch at our house, complete with a pre-Brunch shot (Pancake Shot), tradition of picking seats to see what room you will be dining in, adult Easter Egg Hunt (sometimes the Easter Bunny brings mini liquor bottles too), and the preparing and serving of food.


By the time that all ends and clean up begins we are completely wiped.  The kids get us up at 7am to find baskets so it is a full day of Easter in your face.  This year was slightly different though.  We decided to take the madness up another level!


My sister-in-law and brother-in-law had a baby boy this past January, so Mrs. P and I are now Godparents!  Baby Hudson was baptized today so we added that on top of everything else.  It made for a crazy but memorable and happy day.  Although my body seems to say otherwise, I wouldn't change it for the world.



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