This weekend will be the first weekend you will have a chance to cast your vote with early voting across New York State.

The New York State primary elections are coming up on June 28th and there are several key openings across New York.

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The primary for New York State include Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Assembly, Judges, & Party Positions.

Early voting for these primaries will begin on June 18th and last until June 26th.

You may also absentee vote in the primaries but there have been some changes in New York State when you request to absentee vote according to

  • Due to a recent change in the law, New York State voters are no longer permitted to cast a ballot on a voting machine if they have requested to vote by Absentee Ballot.

  • Voters who have requested to vote by Absentee Ballot can still vote in-person using an Affidavit ballot at early voting or election day poll sites.

If you live outside New York City, you can vote at any of the early voting centers located in the county that you live in. So for example, if you live in Erie County, you could vote in Amherst, Hamburg, or West Seneca no matter what town you live in.

To find an early voting center near you CLICK HERE.

If you have not registered to vote yet, you have missed the deadline to vote in the primaries but you can still register and vote in the general elections coming up in November. Learn how to register to vote HERE.

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