Dunkin Donuts is a New England based company that was established in the 1950's. Well, due to the coffee culture demand, they are dropping the "donuts."



I am a Dunkin's girl. I love my Dunkin Donuts coffee. I always have and always will. I am sad to hear that they are dropping the "donuts" in their name as part of their re-branding.

They will still sell donuts... I repeat, they will still sell donuts... They will just be called DNKN' on their coffee cups. According to Tony Weisman the US chief marketing officer

""While donuts may no longer appear in our logo, we remain committed to serving our signature donuts and will continue to offer new and seasonal varieties to delight donut lovers everywhere,"

No worries, they'll still be making the donuts! Remember the commercials?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you drink Dnkn' coffee?

They have 10 locations in the Buffalo/ Niagara region. Which one do you go to?


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