If there was an award for the dumbest driver in New York State, we have found a winner.

Well, actually police in West Seneca found them and troll them hardcore on Twitter.

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As Western New York recovers from a record snowfall, the travel bans have finally been lifted and more and more people are hitting the road. Of course, when you are driving in the state you must follow all the laws and this includes clearing off your vehicle completely of snow.


If you don't it could lead to white-out conditions for the drivers around you and could even lead to an accident.

What a dummy! How dangerous is this? Imagine driving down the 90 or Transit road and you get stuck behind this doofus.

Channel 4 got another angle of this dummy.

They basically only cleared enough space for they could see outside the driver-side windshield. The rest of the truck is completely covered in snow and I can only imagine that the driver has no way of seeing if any traffic is coming from the right side of the road.

Please don't be like this guy. Make sure if you are going to hit the road, you clear your car completely. If you don't you could face a fine of up to $850 and if you are the cause of an accident you would be liable for all the damages.

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