One of the largest musical artists in the World just dropped another reference to Buffalo, New York.

Drake, who grew up just a couple of hours North of Buffalo in Toronto grew up spending time in Western New York and he just included another reference to the 716 in his latest song.

Check out these lyrics from his newest song, "Away From Home"

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In 1995, The Bon-Ton bought out all the AM&A's stores and ended up turning the AM&A's store in the Walden Galleria into a Bon Ton Store.


Sure it was a couple of years before the iPhone would make it big, but Apple started opening up retail stores in 2001 and the Walden Galleria was one of the malls on the list for a store.


If Drake was looking for some new kicks or a team jersey, chances are he wandered into The Finish Line. In 1996 The Finish Line opened one of it's largest retail store in the Galleria.


The Canadian bar and grill operated inside the Walden Galleria until shutting down during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. I would like to think Drake stopped in for their famous nachos at some point during his life.


Drake always looks good and he might have spent some cash getting the latest look at the first Hollister in Western New York. It opened in the early 2000s.

So what other stores do you think Drake dropped a couple of loonies?

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