If there was a list of the biggest sins when it comes to eating, double dipping is probably the worst.  And we do it a lot in New York.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday.  Which means that there will probably be a lot of finger foods out for people to eat.  And one of the worst things you can see someone do...is double dip their food.

You know what I'm talking about.  They take a piece of food, dip it, take a bite with their dirty mouth, then they dip that same piece of food for a second bite.  It's disgusting!

Whether it's wings that we're dipping, french fries, or veggies, we are constantly contaminating dips with our double dipping.

And according to a new study of 5000 Americans from SWNS Digital, we are second on the list of the worst offenders in the country when it comes to double dipping.  According to this study, we are only behind Texas.

1. Texas                              56%
2. New York                        53%
3. Washington                     52%
4. North Carolina                 47%
5. Alabama                          42%
6. Colorado                          41%
7. Illinois                               39%
8. West Virginia                    38%
9. Florida                              38%
10. Arizona                          39%

So keep an eye out on Sunday.  Watch your dips.  You might just be in the company of a double dipper!

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