You've probably already heard that Actress Doris Day passed away last night at the age of 97.  She gave it a long run and was a true fighter.

Loads of articles and news affiliates have mentioned her contributions to the golden age of Hollywood and of course song.  Some have also included her later years spent on animal activism.   Doris Day was truly an amazing talent and human being.

If you ever get the chance to read her autobiography.  Do!  Somehow, I came across it in 8th grade.  It was a game changer for me.  See, Doris Day dreamed until her teen years of being a dancer, then to ultimately settle into being a mother and home-maker.  She never wanted to be famous.

An Auto accident just before 20 ended her dancing career.  She did become a mom, but the father left them.  Luckily Doris Day, this single mom, had this insanely great singing voice and was a natural actress.

Think for me as a kid, reading about her, helped me realize that life gives you stuff, but you just can't give up.   Luckily we can witness Day's survival spirit in all of the work she has left behind.

A few films you may want to check out are "Love me or Leave me,"  She got an Oscar nomination for that one. I put a scene from that film above.   But there are loads of others: "Lover come back," "Calamity Jane," and "Pillow Talk."

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