Having a group over this weekend for the big game?  We've all heard the rumors about the so-called "Super Bowl Halftime Flush" ruining septic systems (it's not true, by the way.  Click here.)

But you should really watch what you put down the sink, even if you have a disposal.


Here's a list of things you should never put down the drain:

  • Grease, cooking oil, butter, mayonnaise:  they mix with other stuff and form a thick sludge that can clog your drain
  • Egg shells:  they can break the blades and tiny shell fragments can stick to stuff and cause clogs
  • Coffee grounds: they stick to grease and oil, and make clogs even worse
  • Pasta and rice:  it keeps expanding in water.
  • Flour:  when you mix it with water, it makes glue.
  • Stickers from fresh produce: they can not only clog your pipes, but even cause blockages at the water treatment plant!
  • Expired medication:  don't flush it, it gets into the water supply. Here's a list of places you can drop off meds in Erie County.


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