Has the pandemic kept you from you regular Doctor's appt or Critical Care follow-up?

While you may be worried about visiting your doctor right now, physicians are encouraging people to still show up.

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Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein on WIVB-TV yesterday said these appointments are critical to ensuring everyone is healthy.

Dr. Burstein says physicians she has spoken with recently – especially pediatricians – are reporting patients they typically see around this time of year aren’t returning.

The CDC has recently published data showing that in March and April, there were 2.5 fewer doses of vaccines administered to children in the U.S. this year compared to last year.

Doctors, according to Burstein are attributing this to people’s fear amid the ongoing pandemic – but Burstein says there’s nothing to be worried about, that healthcare offices know how to keep people safe – especially since pediatric well visits are key for development.

Burstein says it’s critical adults still go to their well visits and get screenings done if needed, making a point to say that health issues or risks don’t just go away because of a pandemic.

Identifying with Dr. Burstein said, I recently had a follow-up visit scheduled at my doctor, who decided to make it a "phone visit" instead. It's important to regularly check with your doctor or your child's pediatrician to see what options are available to you.


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