Here are some activities you can do with the kiddos over Christmas break.



"I'm bored Mom!"

Those dreaded three words that Mom's and Dad's often hear around Christmas break. Santa just brought all of those gifts and kids are still bored. Well, here are some of the things that you can do with the kiddos:

Painting W/ a Twist- They always have fun activities for the kids

Albright Knox- It is sooo gorgeous there

The Museum of Science- Always something new to learn

Canalside- They have ice skating, ice bumper cars, and so many activities for the kiddos

Don't forget Holiday Valley too!

If they have a lot of energy that they need to release don't forget Skyzone, Get Air, and Bounce Magic.

If you are a bit old fashioned like me, you can just send them to a friends house to play or have their friends play at your place. There is always something to do!

Happy Holidays!

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