The holiday travel season is almost upon is the BEST time to book plane tickets for Christmas, according to the experts.  Before you start your last minute packing, it might be good to know some of the things you CANNOT bring on an airplane according to the TSA...

1.  Magic 8 Balls.  Because of the liquid inside.

2.  Cast-iron cookware.  Because it could be used as a weapon.

3.  Pool cues, Hockey sticks, ski poles, and lacrosse sticks are banned for the same reason.

4.  Cooking sprays, like Pam.  Because aerosols are flammable and might explode.

Now here are a bunch of weird things the TSA explicitly says you CAN carry on to a plane:

Antlers . . . fake skeletons . . . rocks . . . a football helmet . . . a tea kettle . . . fresh eggs . . . a Geiger counter for measuring radiation . . . Cheese graters . . . Harry Potter wands . . . a license plate . . . a live fish . . . a microwave, if the airline's cool with it . . . a parachute . . . and your own inflatable life vest if you don't want to use the one under your seat.

Personally... there are a couple of things I would add,  like people that throw-up when sitting in a long tube-like structure with numerous other people, loud video games and the one guy that likes to talk to you the entire time you are sitting there with your eyes closed.

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