You know what they say, Dogs really do have a sixth sense. Not only are they a great companions, some dogs can detect cancer.


Lauren Gauthier is the founder of a local beagle and hound rescue right here in WNY. About a year and a half ago, she rescued a coonhound named Victoria. At first, they were only going to foster, but as always, you tend to fall in love with these guys!

As she was training Victoria and getting her accustomed to her new home, Lauren, the owner, noticed a small pimple on her nose. About a month or two later, the coonhound Victoria started kissing Lauren's nose. This was a new behavior for the coonhound.

When Lauren found that the pimple wasn't going away and started changing its shape, she decided to go to a dermatologist. The dermatologist ordered Lauren to get a biopsy.

The result? Lauren was diagnosed with Melanoma. "A tumor of melanin-forming cells, typically a malignant tumor associated with skin cancer. Melanomas can appear anywhere on the body"

Luckily, they were able to remove the skin cancer and she has been cancer free. Certainly, a blessing!

It is so important to make sure you are using sunscreen. Especially, with the warmer weather upon us.



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